HANDS UP  Wyoming Chapter Newsletter

Winter 2018

Letter from the President

Dear Members,

I would like to thank everyone who came to Casper for the “Positional Release” class with Denise Deig in October. Positional release is work that requires a good knowledge of anatomy along with intuition. Denise made this work approachable and gave us the knowledge to not only be able bring this work to the table but also to have the passion to learn more about it.

This year we are having Douglas Nelson come to Casper. He was excited to come to Wyoming as he has relatives who live here in Casper. Douglas Nelson is a LMT based out of Champaign, IL. He teaches Precision Neuromuscular Therapy seminars but he is famous, in my mind, for writing “The Mystery of Pain.” This book is a ‘journey into the very heart of how you treat pain and suffering.’

The “Mystery of Pain” seminar we are partnering with the NERD Health & Wellness Center at Wyoming Medical Center so that we can offer this seminar to physical therapists, doctors, and massage therapists alike. The remainder of the conference will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn.

For government relations we are building a government relations committee to start the process for getting the LLEAD grant this year. The chapter feels like it is important to continue the journey towards regulation. We feel it is very important for the AMTA to be involved in this legislation so that we can steer it where Wyoming massage therapists would like it. There are a number of legislators who are interested in regulating massage therapy. The Wyoming Chapter worries that if we do nothing that we will not get to choose how we are governed. We will be sending out invites to join our government relations council via email and I hope that we can get energetic massage therapists to work on this difficult issue.

Thank you & I look forward to meeting you in April.

Your President,

Thea Morton

Board Elections

Board elections happen every spring and there are two positions  available.


Board Member at Large

Barb Rea, Secretary, and Kelly Weikum, Board Member at Large, are thankful for their time on the board and are looking forward to spending time with their families when their term is over. In order to run you must be a member in good standing. We will post each officer’s responsibilities on this website. Terms are 2-years starting in June.

Newsletter Editor:                                                                                                           Thea Morton in Casper, WY  ( 307-267-0392 )

Assistant Editor:                                                                                                               Barb Rea in Casper, WY  ( 307-258-4527 )